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List of primary schools in the Walsall Borough

Primary schools in the Walsall Borough

Millfield Primary School

Lodge Farm JMI School, Walsall

Beacon Primary School

New Invention Primary School

Shire Oak Primary School

Rosedale C of E Infants, Willenhall

Pinfold Street County Primary (JMI), Darlaston

Kings Hill JMI, Darlaston

Park Hall JMI, Walsall

Bentley West JMI, Bentley

Whitehall Junior School, Walsall

Delves Junior School, Walsall

Palfrey Junior School, Walsall

Chuckery Junior School, Walsall

Caldmore Junior School, Walsall

Blue Coat C of E Junior School, Walsall

St Mary RC Junior School, Walsall

Hillary Junior School, Walsall

Pelsall village, Walsall

St. Francis RC JMI Primary, Walsall

North Walsall Primary School, Walsall

St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School, Coalpool

Short Heath Junior School, Walsall

Ryders Hayes Community School

Woodlands Primary School, Short Heath

Billboards & poster campaign

Although my initial idea was to put posters and billboards near schools to promote the awareness of Aspergers. I think to reach a wider audience it would be more beneficial to aim them at high traffic areas in and around Birmingham.

Birmingham also has high a high population of tourists visiting each year and people who drive and commute in to the area for work. These areas are best to reach the most people and to raise awareness for the cause.

Poster signs are a key role in this as heavy traffic on the m6 leading in and out of Birmingham slows traffic to sometimes a standstill and the only thing to look at is the advertising boards that surround the edges of the motorway.

The posters will still be individually sent to each school in the borough and to carry on the campaign would link this with visit and an information assembly for each school. The idea being that it is being directly shown to the children. Also a poster competition for the children of the schools to help make them research the subject themselves and learn what it is like to have the condition in order to make a good poster design.

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